Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair

Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair

Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair will always be available for all your door needs, especially on call to serve you better. Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair team will make sure all doors are properly sealed against weather and pests damage. Call Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair services 24 hours a day. Our response time is 20 minutes and our work is reliable and affordable. Call us now!

Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair
Vaughan Self Closing Door Repair


Losses from spoilage or energy loss from inefficient doors and seals, is a common problem for some businesses. Our team has the knowledge and resources to repair or replace any type of cold storage door, even if the parts are obsolete. Our network of suppliers and years of experience allow us to use parts specially made to fit your doors.


Convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores rely on our service for immediate help on deli cases, beverage cooler doors, meat department doors, produce and floral area doors. Our service will ensure that your customers, employees and products are safe. We take care of:

  • Freezer Doors
  • Cooler Doors
  • Self Closing Doors
  • Distribution Doors & Storage Doors
  • Manual Doors or Motor Operated Doors
  • And more

Heating and cooling a business are costly tasks as it is. If your doors are installed or repaired poorly, that can increase your utility costs even further. Gaps between the door and the frame can allow air to pass through, which can affect the temperature in your building. This means your heating and cooling systems have to work harder and expend more energy to keep it comfortable.


Our team and service covers all your doors needs, from cold storage warehouse needs, to dock bay to the freezer room. We check that all cooler and freezer dock doors, knockout impact dock doors, cooler or freezer sectional doors, sliding doors and walk-in hinged doors, impact traffic doors, high traffic breakaway impact sliding doors, are in proper function mode.

We pride ourselves in having fast, friendly service, with experienced technicians that have been trained at a proprietary state-of-the art training center. Call us now for a fast and affordable service. Call us 24/7!

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