Garage Door Maintenance Ajax

Garage Door Maintenance Ajax is one of the services available all 24 hours of the day and all 7 days of the week for all your garage doors. Garage Door Maintenance Ajax offers regular maintenance service for garage doors, residential or commercial, all around the city, and also repair, replacement and installation door services as well. If your garage door springs, cables, tracks, openers or any other part is not functioning properly, call Garage Door Maintenance Ajax. Our team will arrive fast and provide the service you need. Call us 24/7!

Garage Door Maintenance Ajax
Garage Door Maintenance Ajax

Maintaining the condition and proper operation of your garage door helps ensure safety while entering or exiting the building, and improves the security of your property, so do not wait, call Garage Door Maintenance Ajax for help. Damage, wear, and other issues can cause problems with garage doors, repairs for which may vary but are essential to restore the function of your door, and Garage Door Maintenance Ajax has expert teams ready to help you at any time. Our Garage Door Maintenance Ajax services are reliable, fast and cost-effective, affordable for any budget.

Garage doors are as common in commercial and apartment facilities as they are in single-family homes, though they may vary in style and size. Servicing a garage door while scheduling, accessibility, and working conditions at other buildings may influence repair rate. We can give you an estimate but not before coming to see exactly what needs to be done. Whether manual or automatic, problems with the basic operation of garage doors can pose an inconvenience as well as a safety hazard. Problems with controls, openers, springs, and sensors may prevent your door from opening. Similar issues can keep a door from closing properly, and our technician can troubleshoot a number of potential problems with the hardware, opener motor, and electronic controls of your door system to isolate and resolve problems with operation. Excluding the power opener, a garage door has four working parts: the tracks, rollers, cables and the torsion springs, which provide the force necessary to lift the door (a person with normal strength would never be able to do it on their own). Each spring can last anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 cycles, but eventually, it is going to wear out and break. 

You should never try to replace one of these yourself. It is under a huge amount of tension, even when it is broken, and if it should unwind suddenly, the impact could be fatal. Given that replacement is a job for a pro, you will have to hire our expert team, and you can be sure to never be overcharged. There are two kinds of springs on a typical garage door. The extension springs, which are usually attached between the door and the horizontal track or the ceiling, extend when the door is closed and provide some of the force needed to open it. The torsion spring, which is usually located just above the door opening, also provides some of the energy needed to open the door, but it functions by twisting, not by extending. If one of the extension springs is broken, you can usually replace that yourself. When the door is completely open, there is little force on the spring, and you can simply unbolt the two ends with a wrench. Installation of the replacement spring is a straight forward reversal of this procedure and is easy to accomplish when the door is open. You can buy extension springs and all the hardware needed to install them at your hardware store. Torsion springs are another matter altogether. Because the torsion spring is twisted, it is always under tension, and releasing one end of the spring, even when it is damaged, can cause it to unwind violently. You do not want to be close if this happens, because the amount of energy released can seriously injure or kill you. For this reason, it is best if you get a licensed garage door technician to replace it. To remove the damaged torsion spring, you must first release tension by unwinding it with a proper winding bar, and after you install the replacement, you have to wind it again. It is not that you cannot do the replacement, it is just that, without the proper tools and know-how, it is very dangerous.  If you have to replace your torsion spring, call for our service. Call us 24/7!

Keep in mind that, if the spring is bad, it is a good bet that other parts of the door also need servicing. These include the cables, tracks and rollers and well as the door panels themselves. If your door is in bad enough shape to require servicing of all these parts, call our professionals to deal with it. A number of parts are required to open and close garage doors smoothly, and damage that occurs to door and track hardware can keep your door from operating correctly. If the track that guides your door up and down is bent, it may be impossible to fully open or close the door. Our team may be able to simply straighten bent tracks while in place, but removing tracks for repair or installing replacement sections may make for a more substantial project. Repair prices vary with the extent of damage. In some cases, garage door rollers may come of their tracks, with repairs often related to the condition of the track. Our technician may need to reset rollers, with repair rates influenced by the condition of rollers and brackets, as well as any related repairs to the track or door.

Many times, the wall button for the garage door must be pushed and held until the door is completely closed. Previously all you had to do was just touch the button and it would close. Also, the door will open with the remote but will not close with it. This problem is most likely being caused by the sensors in the door rather than anything else. There should be two pairs of sensors either in the door track or connected to the track on the inside. These sensors keep the door from closing on someone or something in case there is an obstruction. It is a common safety precaution that actually does a lot of good (most of the time), except when they start causing the door to close for no reason. Most of the time, the sensors are just dirty and need to be cleaned, but sometimes they are malfunctioning and need to be replaced or re-wired. Sometimes it is an odd cause like the glare from the sun during a certain time of day that causes this issue. Other times, you just need to have them realigned if they have become misaligned.  Another possible cause of this problem is the limit switch on the actual unit. This controls how the door opens and closes, and if it is not set correctly then you will not be able to get it to shut all the way; it will just keep coming up short, and you may need to have our professional come out to adjust the unit so it will close properly.

There are many types of garage doors. Popular residential garage door styles include sectional roll-up doors and one-piece tilting doors. Roll-up doors operate on a track system, while tilting or swinging doors are opened and closed with springs. Roll-up doors consist of several door segments hinged together, and though they have several components to consider, are often easier to access for service and repairs. The construction and functionality of tilt-up doors are simple, but working with a heavy, single panel door can complicate some repairs. Garage doors are commonly constructed of wood, steel, fibreglass, and aluminium. While repair techniques for hardware, tracks, and controls are somewhat universal, methods for correcting damage to the door itself vary with construction materials. Some small dents, rust, rot, and holes can be repaired in place, while more extensive damage may require installing replacement panels to restore the door’s condition. The nature of repairs and availability of matching replacement parts may influence repair rates. Garage door repairs can be made efficiently by our experienced professional, restoring the condition and function of your door and giving you confidence in its safety, durability, and reliability. Consider the type, size, material, and condition of your door as you plan for service, and discuss repair options with our team. Understanding the issues you have with your door can help you plan and budget for a thorough repair. We can walk you through what is needed to have your garage door functioning properly again, give you a list of supplies and time required. This way you will have an estimate and will know what to expect before we start the job. Our teams are all mobile, on call 24/7 and ready and fully equipped to help you. Our same day service can be reached day and night, and you can rest assured that our assistance is fast, reliable and affordable. Call us at any time!