Swinging Door Repair Mississauga

Swinging Door Repair Mississauga

Swinging Door Repair Mississauga team knows that swinging doors in the home can add style, grace and opulence but can also be a hassle, and we are here to help. Swinging doors are a useful part of the home but can also add complications, so when you encounter those ones, call Swinging Door Repair Mississauga service for a fast and affordable 24/7 assistance. Swinging Door Repair Mississauga mobile help will be on its way and reaching you in only 15 to 20 minutes, anywhere you are in the area. Call us now!

Swinging Door Repair Mississauga
Swinging Door Repair Mississauga

The most common place in the home to add swinging doors is in the kitchen, and Swinging Door Repair Mississauga team can help you not only repair doors, but also install them for you. You may sometimes find these being called restaurant doors. This is due to the fact that restaurant doors swing both in and out of the room. There are pluses and negatives to having swinging doors in the kitchen and Swinging Door Repair Mississauga team will share those with you. One major good point to having swinging doors is that they add a talking point to your home, so if you need them installed properly, use our Swinging Door Repair Mississauga service. Talking points tend to add value to the home. Swinging doors are often associated with the rich and famous that has large mansions and servants. The swinging doors separate the guests from the staff and break up an open floor plan. Swinging doors will not thousands on top of thousands to the home but will add something more valuable: a talking point. Swinging doors can easily go with your design elements in the home and match the décor of any home. This alone can make purchasing swinging doors a viable option. This is assuming that you can paint and stain the door the way you want it and can also install it yourself. Just because a door is functional does not mean that it also cannot be part of your overall décor or feel of the home.

If you must have a door leading from the kitchen to another room then swinging doors may not be the right choice for you if money is a concern. Swinging doors are heavier than normal doors as well as more decorative. This is because the doors are for internal use and are often a focal point in a well-travelled area of the home. Swinging door definitely add something to the home if you are willing to pay for it. Having a door that opens one way is hard enough to figure out the clearance for and this is twice as difficult with swinging doors. When you install swinging doors you need to check the clearance for the door from both sides that it opens from. It needs to be able to clear the counters in the kitchen as well as the wall and other furniture in the other room. This is an obvious negative that many people simply do not consider when they install swinging doors. When you are leaving the kitchen and someone is trying to enter you will hit a swinging door that is not swinging. If you are carrying anything in your hands you will most likely drop it causing a huge mess. This is the least of your worries though as someone can easily be physically harmed by this type of door. If you leave the kitchen and someone is behind you the door can easily smack them in the face causing all sorts of damage.

If you have some interior swinging doors, you may start to notice when they stop working. Interior swinging doors are difficult to control, as they are so fragile, particularly where the hangers are concerned. Therefore, if you want to keep your doors swinging, you will need to perform little repairs from time to time in order to improve their quality. You can do this by making sure that you repair the swinging doors as soon as they start sticking, not swinging to the full length, or far too quickly. All of these problems can be repaired easily, so long as you attend to them quickly. You will only need a few home repair tools, and some guidelines on repairing your doors. Here are some of the most common problems a swinging door may have, and the remedy for it:

  • Sticking hinges – If the problem with your door is that you often find that it is sticking, then you should consider spraying the surface of your hinges with WD-40. This powerful solvent will usually provide enough lubrication to get the doors working again. It is also a good idea to check the surface for rust, and if you find any of that, to remove it using the WD-40. This is probably the best way to stop your swinging doors from sticking, and is cheap and effective. If this does not work, then you might want to consider removing the hinge altogether, and replacing it with a new one. Our team will come to help you in 20 minutes from the time of your call, if you need us to replace the hinge.
  • Doors swinging too fast – The other problem that can happen is that the swing doors start moving too quickly, so that you often find yourself being hit by the door as you walk through it. One option to resolve this is to take off the hinge pins by tapping the underside with your mallet. The pins should spring out, and you can then bend them slightly, using either your mallet again, or by turning them with some needle nose pliers. You do not have to bend the pin too severely, as only a little movement can stop the hinges springing back too fast. This should be effective in stopping your doors swinging back too soon. If this does not work, then you can also take a small piece of stiff paper, and place it below the hinge where the door meets the frame. This should help slow down the movement of the doors.
  • Replacing hinges – If you have no other solution but to replace the hinge, then you will need to first remove the hinge pins, as above, and then unscrew the hinges. You can then add a new hinge to the door. Make sure that you install the new hinge the correct way around, otherwise the door will not swing at all. Check the movement of the door with the new hinge before you pack away your home improvement tools, and if it seems a bit stiff (due to newness), spray a little WD-40 onto it.

Swinging doors are commonly used in the area between a dining and kitchen area, or for the entrance to a basement bar area. However, there are plenty of different sizes and styles of swinging doors on the market today that makes them useful in many rooms. You will have to choose the swinging doors that are right for you, needs and budget wise. We can certainly help by making a tour of your property and recommend the best fit. Home owners have a wide range of choices in swinging doors today. What was once only a half door with two swinging pieces, are now single doors that are full size.

Depending on what you need the doors for – a walk in pantry, dining room access, transition into a laundry room, or other type of application, make sure to choose the type of door that will work best for your home. To do that, here are some tips to help. The most important tip for choosing an interior swinging door is to make sure that you know what size to purchase. Different-sized door frames should be used depending on the room and the age of the home. Take both the measurements for the width and the height. Installing a swinging door is not a difficult project. However, a home owner can make the installation much easier when they choose a pre-hung door. Everything is already included in the pre-hung door so the home owner only needs to set the frame in place, level it, and secure it with screws. 

The interior swinging doors must match the overall decor of the home. A flat surfaced door may not look good in a rustic room. The decor may also call for a louvred style of door. Before purchasing the swinging door, make sure to take into account the overall decor. Talk with the interior design person at the home centre for some ideas. Some home owners purchase a door that only swings in one direction. Make sure that the door that you choose has a dual swinging hinge that will allow the door to open both ways. Swinging doors are a great way to add some character to a room, but may also be dangerous to little children. If someone is not careful, swinging doors can cause injury to someone else who is trying to come through on the other side. If this happens to be a child, the child can be seriously hurt. The average swinging door is going to need about 10 square feet of clearance on both sides of the door. If you are thinking about choosing swinging doors for a closet, make sure that there is enough room and that nothing will interfere with the use. Call for our team 24/7 for any help you need or question you have. We are happy to come and recommend the best door for you, or provide door service as repair, replacement or installation.


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