Business Entry Door Repair Markham

Business Entry Door Repair Markham

Business Entry Door Repair Markham team offers the best in commercial and industrial entry doors services all around the city. Business Entry Door Repair Markham services any door you need from over-head doors, operators, entry doors and windows. Our Business Entry Door Repair Markham team provides all of the door replacement parts and hardware you need and we work around your schedule. Call us 24/7!

Business Entry Door Repair Markham
Business Entry Door Repair Markham

Ask about our large selection of locks, handles, hinges, frames and more! When it comes to commercial and industrial door repair, door replacement and installation, Business Entry Door Repair Markham makes it easy. We offer free estimates and same-day service. Our Business Entry Door Repair Markham company is a local, family-owned retailer that specializes in the installation of exterior doors, patio doors, replacement windows, vinyl windows, wood window and more. Whether you are looking to replace windows, entry doors, patio doors, interior doors, garage doors, or are trying to take advantage of the current home efficiency tax credits, Business Entry Door Repair Markham will give you peace of mind and make the process as easy as possible. You can rest assured that you will be dealing with an expert from beginning to end. Our commitment is to get it done right the first time and never leave customers with buyers’ remorse. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations and give you the kind of service we would want to get, when hiring a home improvement provider. Our service staff is highly knowledgeable about the latest in maintenance free doors, windows and exterior solutions. Our installation teams are experienced, professional and meticulous, making sure you are 100% satisfied with the quality of work.

When you need help with automatic doors, call us. Automatic doors are essential to providing your customers ease of use when entering and exiting your business establishment. Whether a customer is elderly, handicapped, or has a baby in tow, automatic doors provide convenience for everyone. Like most things in life, automatic doors are prone to everyday wear and tear. Having a basic understanding of how your automatic doors work can help you recognize when you need service or repairs before it becomes a bigger and more expensive problem. Science and cutting-edge technology plays a big part in the operation of automatic doors. Built-in sensors allow automatic doors to open and close for customers with ease. Once the sensor has been triggered, the message is then relayed to the automatic door to open or close. Many doors also have a sensor that allows the customer to safely proceed through the door-way without the door hitting them. The specific mechanics vary per type of automatic door, but basically it is controlled by an electric motor that powers the internal belts to carry out the process of opening and closing the door. The most common types of automatic doors are swinging doors, single sliding doors, and bi-parting doors. Sometimes the internal operations that allow the proper opening and closing of the door can malfunction. These door systems can cause injury if not properly maintained and up to current safety standards. Repairs and upgrades can be less costly than taking a chance on a malfunction that can cause injury to a customer or employee. When you have a problem, it is imperative to get the service of a professional you can trust. Automatic Door manufacturers recommend that all door systems meet safety standards. There are many things that could go wrong with the operation of your automatic door, including, but not limited to:

  • Door off track or break out was activated
  • Door not opening or closing properly
  • Unsafe speed for opening and closing of doors
  • Sensors not working properly

We offer professional assistance whenever you need it. Automatic doors are both welcoming and accommodating to those coming into your place of business, but it is important to keep them maintained. If your automatic doors are not functioning properly, you should turn off the system and call us.

If you want to replace your store doors from a standard door to an automatic sliding door, call our team for service. One of the first things that a consumer notices when they visit a business is the front door. This simple area of your business is where the first impression of your company is made. Doors that are dirty, have clutter around them, look shabby, or even look outdated will give a potential client a less-than-optimal opinion of your company. One of the best ways to impress a potential client, however, is to have automatic sliding doors in your entrance way. Not only do these types of doors give your business a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance, they impress customers. Studies have been conducted on consumer habits and have found that people relate automatic sliding doors with the following attributes:

  • Company wants customers to enjoy convenience. Respondents stated that doors that open automatically for them made them feel as if the business cared about their convenience and happiness.
  • Company is successful. The study showed that people believe anyone can have a standard door, but only successful companies can afford the luxury of an automatic sliding door.
  • Willing to Buy More. People have stated that they are willing to purchase more n a retail outlet if it is easy to get out the door with the bags. This is one of the main reasons that all grocery stores have automatic sliding doors.

Additional benefits to having this type of front door include compliance with local, provincial and federal laws regarding impaired access. These doors provide enough room and ease for anyone with a disability. Automatic sliding doors have also been associated with fewer trip and fall incidents surrounding entrance ways. People are more apt to pay attention to where they are waking and what may be an obstacle if they are not distracted with opening a door. As a final benefit, adding automatic doors to your building will increase building and re-sale value. If at any time in the future you wish to sell, these doors will be considered an amenity that many potential buyers will desire.

Our team will also help you take care of automatic full-glass doors. This kind of doors are some of the most aesthetically pleasing doors you can install for your store front. These full-glass, frame-less beauties take window shopping to a whole different level. Instead of peering through a small shop window, pedestrians can take one glance at your entire store through these doors. These doors provide a lot of customization options including the glass thickness, opening and closing hardware, finishes, handles, and more. While these doors provide your store front with that high-quality glimmer it needs, the installation and repair of these doors needs to be handled safely and carefully. Our team

has years of experience with all kind of doors repairs. Our experience will help insure your customers’ safety while providing you with an efficient and long-term and cost-effective solution. We offer for your full-glass automatic doors, the following options:

  • Multiple styles of locking hardware
  • Brass, chrome, bronze, and other finishes for top and bottom rails
  • Selection of stylish handles
  • Floor Closer repair and replacement
  • Panic Bar options to modify doors to be an emergency exit
  • Refurbish bottom and top rails to re-secure onto the glass to avoid replacement

To learn more about these stunning doors call us. From expert advice during the project selections to the meticulous installation of your chosen products, we strive for perfection and will not stop until our customers’ expectations are surpassed. That is why our customers come back year after year as well as referring all their friends, family and neighbours. We understand that you want your home or business improvement efforts to last. This is the reason we only use premium products that are low maintenance and will not need replacing for many years to come.

If in need of a service for your entry door, call us. A standard piece of any retail establishment is the store front entry door. An interior or exterior door can be made in a number of ways. Glass, wood or hollow metal are just three examples, while a choice between a single and double door can be made. Regardless of what type door a business has, our entry door technicians can handle the job of repairing, replacing or installing a new one. Glass doors, as we already mentioned, offer a full view into an establishment, while wood provides a unique appearance that can stand out in a sea of other store front doors. Hollow metal offers a peek, but tends to be used more for public facilities, given the narrow view that some varieties provide. All of these are viable options, but do have drawbacks. Glass can be broken, either inadvertently or deliberately, and could be dangerous if broken. Wood is much sturdier, but being constantly exposed to the elements can either shorten the life span of the door or put it in need of repair. Finally, some hollow metal types are sturdier than wood, but can result in a potential safety hazard since certain varieties provide no way to know if it is about to be opened. Store front entry door repair or replacement of any hardware includes a number of specific areas including:

  • Closers
  • Exit Devices
  • Pivots
  • Hinges
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Sweeps

Our company offers a guarantee that it will only use the highest quality parts, products and systems in its repair in order to extend the life of a commercial or industrial door and opener. The cost of these parts, as well as the labour involved, are fully explained prior to the start of any repair. Our team also fully guarantees the service of its entry door technicians, all of whom have years of experience in this field. That service covers all major bands and the company also offers free estimates as well as 24-hour emergency service.


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