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Exterior Wood Doors Toronto

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Welcome to Toronto Doors & Locks, your premier destination for exquisite exterior wood doors in Toronto. In 2024, we continue to offer an unparalleled selection of beautiful and durable wood doors to elevate the aesthetic and security of your Toronto home.

Wide Range of Choices

With a myriad of options and the ability to craft custom doors, we cater to your unique taste and budget. Our extensive network of distributors across Canada ensures that you’ll find the perfect exterior door that matches your preferences.

Fine Woods and Modern Design

We specialize in crafting exterior wood doors from fine woods such as Mahogany, Oak, Cedar, Maple, Poplar, and Pine, tailored to your specific needs. We seamlessly blend the natural beauty of these woods with modern designs, enhancing both the elegance and security of your Toronto residence. Most of our models are designed to withstand hurricane impacts, ensuring your safety.

Stunning Glass Inserts

In addition to our wood doors, we offer a captivating selection of glass inserts that resemble stained glass artwork. These inserts feature intricately soldered lead, copper, or zinc strips that secure individual pieces of glass. You can choose from clear or obscured “glue-chipped” glass, with or without bevels.

Our leaded glass panels come in various sizes, addressing your privacy and security concerns. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional architectural style, we have the perfect glass complement to breathe life into your home’s focal point.

Wrought Iron Elegance

For those seeking an extra touch of brilliance, consider decorating your exterior wood door with exquisite wrought iron. Our skilled artisans handcraft each iron piece, showcasing their dedication and craftsmanship. Choose from black or custom-order finishes to add intricate details to your door.

Exterior Door Repair and Replacement

Is your exterior door showing signs of wear and tear? We also provide exterior door repair services in Toronto. From fixing dents and weather-stripping to addressing sticking doors and creaking, our skilled technicians are here to ensure your door remains in top condition.

If your door requires replacement due to damage, we offer exterior door replacement services as well. Contact Toronto Commercial Doors Repair Service for free estimates, and we’ll promptly address your door repair and replacement needs in the GTA area.

Contact Us Today

For the best service, attention to detail, and affordable pricing for your exterior wood door project in Toronto, reach out to Toronto Doors & Locks in 2024. You won’t regret it.

Commercial Door Repair in Toronto

Exterior Wood Door Repair Toronto – Call today for all of your door security needs!!! 1-866-282-5510

Exterior doors are the first line of defense for your home. They withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear. If your exterior door in Toronto needs repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialize in front door repair, entry door repair, garage door repair, patio door repair, and more. Our technicians are available 24/7 throughout the year to ensure your doors are secure and functional.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect exterior wood door or need professional door repair services, Toronto Doors & Locks is your trusted partner in 2024.

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