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Grimsby Door Repair

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24 Hour Door Replacement and Repair in Grimsby, Ontario
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Grimsby Door Repair have experience fixing a wide range of common door faults for hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors and pivoting doors. We can replace worn locks, improve function and door security, install automatic door closers and fix leaky doors.

Front Doors – Entrance Doors – Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors repair

“Every home needs a front door, so why not compliment your home with the perfect exterior door from Door Repair Grimsby, Ontario.”
If you are looking to replace your existing entrance door we can offer a full package of supply & installation of the door, entrance frame and hardware.
We will help advise the appropriate options, depending on your situation and look you wish to achieve.
We also manufacture timber entrance frames, so if you wish to remodel your complete entrance, we can supply a door with sidelights & highlights. Phone or Email Grimsby entrance Door Repair for more details or quoting.

Interior Doors repair Grimsby

Door Hinge Repair

Grimsby Interior Door repair manufactures and supplies prehung interior doors. We can prehang doors of almost any size and style. If you are looking for interior doors for your home, then you can choose from the following:
Tongue and Groove routed
Cavity Sliders
We have recently added the 350 Series Aluminium Internal Face Sliders to our range of Interior doors. See our Gallery.
You can also select from a variety of timber including stain or paint quality Pine, Cedar, and Kauri. We also offer styles with glass that includes Clear, Frosted, Obscure, Coloured, Lead Lights and many others.

Sliding Door repair Grimsby

Sliding Door Repair

At Sliding Door Repair Grimsby we can design a sliding or bi folding door system to meet your requirements from the 350 Series.
There is a wide range of products that we can use as the inserts such as:
Custom wood
Track and profile colour can be either powder coated to your choice of colour or from the standard range
Natural Anodised
There is a wide range of uses for the system such as
Wardrobe sliders
Face sliders
Bi folding or sliding to divide off areas or rooms
We have several types of the 350 series doors in our showroom for you to view.

Common Repairs and Improvements

Broken handles
Replace broken handles to improve the operation of the mechanism & security on your doors.

Broken hinges
Replacement of damaged hinges due to wear and tear that can occur from corrosion and misuse.

Draught strips
Replacement of worn draught strips to prevent wind and cold from penetrating any gaps during winter months, when you need your home to feel warm and well ventilated.

Realigning doors
Realigning doors to fit squarely in the frame to ensure they fit snuggly when closed and don’t droop when opened.

Damaged locks
Replacement of worn or damaged locks to assist with security and help prevent unauthorized access to your home.

Swimming pool regulations
Installation of locks to meet swimming pool regulations.

Flush bolts
Replacement or adjustment of flush bolts often seen in French or Bi-fold doors.

One key
Conversion of all door locks to just ONE KEY to make for simple operation and eliminate all those bunches of keys.

Sliding door wheels
Replacement of sliding door wheels to ensure doors slide easily instead of being too heavy to move or sticking.

Insect & fly Screens
Installation of  insect & fly screens for a bug-free home, making your home more enjoyable for you and your family.

Glazing beads
Replacement of missing glazing beads to ensure glass panes fit snuggly.

Passive air vents
Installation of passive air vents that can be glazed into existing doors and allow some air flow even when doors are locked shut.

Installation of window deadlocks for increased security and to help prevent unauthorized entry to your home.

Sliding door handles
Installation of new generation sliding door handles to prevent burglars gaining access by manipulating sliding doors from their frames.

Sliding door tracks
Replacement of damaged sliding door tracks to improve the way the door slides.

Timber liners
Replacement of rotten timber liners that may have rotted around the door frame over time.

Hydraulic door closers
Installation or replacement of damaged hydraulic door closer control units to ensure doors will close automatically.

Damaged aluminium panels
Replacement of damaged aluminium panels colour matched to existing joinery.

Vision tape
Installation of vision tape to prevent people walking into the glass panels of closed doors.

Door leaks
Assessment of door leaks * (refer to Door repair Grimsby – Our Promise).

We can do it all, from sash window cord replacements to brand new double-glazed sash windows. We take pride in delivering superior service every time. Call us today on 647-866-0956 in Grimsby, Ontario to discuss your requirements for wooden window and door repairs. We offer a no-obligation quote.

Our Services
Not sure what size you require? Not sure it will fit? Dont’ worry! At Door Repair Grimsby we offer a free measure and quote to all customers.

Door Repair Grimsby
Not great at DIY? No need to worry! Our team of qualified installers can professionally install the doors you have chosen.

Door Repair Grimsby, For a dependable cost effective door repair service covering all of St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Grimsby and Stoney Creek Ontario.

Our carefully selected range of locksmiths, glaziers and carpenters allows us to cover all aspects of door repairs, maintenance and installations

From security and front doors to any internal door or door lock, both residential and commercial.

It does not matter if it is a internal wooden door a front door or a sliding aluminium door we service them all. Our builders can install new doors and replace old doors.

The Grimsby door and lock repair service is reliable, professional and good value.

Grimsby dependable tradesmen all personally guarantee their workmanship. From emergency lock changes to repairing and  painting the door sills or frames we all take pride in our work.

We will provide you  with good advice and the best option required to solve your door problem

we provide 24/7 Locksmiths & door repair in Grimsby

Grimsby Locksmith

Our Grimsby wide Locksmiths service will install, fit or fix any type of door lock you require. It does not need to be locking door you may just want to up grade all your door handles or fix a broken latch

We deal with commercial and residential locks.

It does not matter if it is a shop security door or your ranch slider door at home. From a simple lock system to high security locks, we repair, replace, install the most advanced lock systems.

For more information about our locksmiths

do your require a really good locking security system Cost effective Master key and Restricted key systems for your home or office

Aluminum Joinery –  Doors, windows and sliding door repairs Frustrated with that sliding door not opening easily or worried about the locks?

Aluminum joinery can some with its own set of problems. Sliding doors can be hard to open, the locks wear out or break. We can adjust doors, hinges and locks. Replace seals, handles and locks. We will put in new rollers so the doors will slide easily. Our aluminum Joinery specialists can not only repair your doors but will fix any issues you may have with a window while they are there

contact us today for at Grimsby dependable cost effective door repair
service.  All types of doors Wooden and Aluminium covering all of Ontario
call or touch on 24 Hour Door Repair and Replacement in Grimsby Ontario, CALL 24/7 at (416) 840-9641 – (866) 820-1331

Carpenters for wooden doors.

If you have wooden doors jamming or not closing properly out carpenters can easily fix them. You may have had new carpet laid or just weather issues. Our carpenters can pop around and put everything right. While they are on site you may have a few other jobs that need to be tided away

New doors
Considering a door instead of a window so you can easily move through to the the new deck.?
 Do you want to replace the existing doors?  Call us for a quote. Sometimes it is much easier to replace an old door than attempt to fix it. Grimsby doors can be difficult to fix and colour match . Replacing it can be much quicker and cheaper resulting in a nice new door

Glaziers for broken glass on doors
Broken glass doors are no problem for us as we have glaziers who can fix the job for you. It does not matter if it is an aluminium or wooden door we can do either type of repair.

Painters for doors, door sills and windows

Wooden doors can fade or need oiling to be kept in good condition. Often brick houses need the windows and door painted  painted to look tidy or as part of the maintenance schedule.

When selling the door and window frames are obvious and if they look tatty it reflects on the entire home.

For great looking doors or doors and locks that work properly
call us today 24 Hour Door Repair and Replacement in Grimsby Ontario, CALL 24/7 at (416) 840-9641 – (866) 820-1331

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