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Exterior doors are the most important feature of any home and business premises, the first part of your premises that visitors will encounter. To generate a positive first impression, you should select exterior doors that are elegant and stylish, even under the worst weather conditions. A well maintained, modern exterior door speaks highly of your professionalism and pride, so it is important to spend your money wisely.

Aesthetic appearance is not the only important factor determining the best exterior door for your needs, because high security and budget are equally important. Exterior doors must be able to withstand the attentions of determined criminals, protecting your premises, possessions and family from harm. Exterior doors are available in a huge range of materials, styles and colors, all with their own inherent advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden Exterior Doors – Traditional Beauty

Wooden exterior doors are still one of the most popular types, providing a good blend of strength and elegance. Wooden doors are available at a relatively affordable price, depending upon the type and quality of wood used. Wood is certainly the most beautiful option, buy wooden exterior doors do have some disadvantages. Wood must be treated regularly, with preservative, paint or varnish, to protect it from the ravages of wind and rain. Neglecting this will cause rotting, and you will need to replace the door after just a few short years.

Wooden doors are very reasonably priced, but going for the cheapest option is false economy, because low quality wood has a tendency to expand in the heat and contract in the cold. This eventually leads to the door sticking and jamming in the summer heat, yet leaving huge gaps in the winter, allowing cold draughts to bypass the insulation.

Good quality wooden exterior doors are constructed from pressure treated timber, containing preservative to make the wood weather resistant for many years. The other downside of wooden doors is the security aspect: Whilst they are strong enough to deter most criminals, determined thieves can force their way in, by breaking the door or the frame.

Steel Exterior Doors – The High Security Door

Where security is the overriding concern, steel exterior doors are an excellent option, traditionally consisting of a steel skin covering the outside of a sturdy wooden frame. Steel exterior doors are expensive, and the extra weight requires an exceptionally strong doorframe, which requires a specialist contractor to fit. Modern variants of the steel door now use stainless steel to create a beautiful door inlaid with glass and intricate details.

Steel exterior doors are extremely resistant to adverse and rough treatment, making them a good option for industrial premises – often; the saving on insurance premiums soon pays for the installation. Aside from the high price, steel doors are not particularly attractive and are very difficult to modify. If you want to fit doorknobs, doorknockers or locks, drilling and cutting the toughened steel is not easy.

Best Exterior Door

UPVC Exterior Doors – Secure and Reasonably Priced

Many modern buildings, especially those with uPVC double-glazing installed, incorporate an exterior door constructed from the same material. This material is durable and strong, and most uPVC exterior doors possess intricate internal locking mechanisms, which engage bolts at the top and bottom of the door. These security bolts ensure that the door is virtually unbreakable when the locks are engaged. UPVC exterior doors are reasonably priced, and are the best choice for energy efficient homes; their tight fit and insulated internal structure allow little heat to escape.

The main disadvantage of uPVC exterior doors is that they can be extremely unattractive, especially if the uPVC discolors with time. The other potential problem is that uPVC breaks down in strong, direct sunlight, and the door will become brittle and crack, if it is not protected.

Aluminum Exterior Doors – A Good Compromise

Aluminum exterior doors are an excellent compromise, combining the advantages of the other types whilst providing fewer disadvantages. Aluminum is a lightweight and functional alternative, combining elegance and practicality. Aluminum doors are painted or powder coated, giving an attractive finish, and aluminum is immune to extremes of weather.

Aluminium exterior doors combine the high security of steel with the internal sliding bolt mechanisms of uPVC doors. Aluminum doors also contain integral insulation, providing excellent energy efficiency, and aluminum is easier to work than steel if accessories are needed. Aluminum exterior doors are an excellent general-purpose door, blending reasonable price and practically. The only minor disadvantage is that aluminium exterior doors lack the natural elegance of wooden doors, but this is far outweighed by the numerous benefits.

Conclusion – Finding Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, so there will be a door that combines the right blend of budget, appearance and practicality to suit your home or business. Armed with an idea of your requirements, you will be able to find the perfect exterior doors at a local supplier or online.

Exterior Doors

– Fiberglass exterior doors are a new addition and they have rapidly grown in popularity. Blending the durability of steel with the elegance of wood, they are a great choice if you are seeking to install a new front door.

– Steel doors are still the best option where security is the prime concern, protecting your property and family from harm. This guide explains what to look for in a front entry door.

– Accordion doors are a practical solution where floor space is an issue, and they have moved on from the cheap and tacky vinyl accordion doors of yesteryear.

Door Accessories

– Finding the perfect exterior door handle can be a tough chore, especially with the sheer range of options available. This guide shows you how to balance security, elegance, durability and budget to find the perfect entry door handle.

– This guide shows you how to select a theme for your exterior door hardware, blending durability, security, budget and elegance. Good exterior door hardware can rejuvenate the front of your home, making it stand out.

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