Sliding Patio Doors Repair Toronto

sliding patio door repair

Sliding Patio Doors Repair Toronto

Sliding Patio Doors Repair Toronto, Sliding patio doors are a wonderful way to capture your outdoor view without letting in the elements. Our energy efficient vinyl sliding glass doors allow maximum light while blocking noise and weather.

Our Xpress Sliding Patio Doors Service in Toronto and GTA area use a fusion-welded master frame and multi-chambered construction for maximum strength and thermal performance, blocking drafts and reducing water penetration. Since they slide instead of swing, our patio door replacements take up less floor space, leaving you more room to enjoy the view to your yard or deck. Prefer to let in some fresh air without inviting the bugs? Our screen doors make the perfect complement to any patio door replacement project.


When it comes to sliding door replacement, we ensure a smooth and easy process that enhances both the functionality and security of your home. Our custom doors are meticulously crafted to fit your specific requirements, resulting in a door installation process that’s not only fast but also minimally disruptive to the exterior of your home.

Expert Door Installation

Custom-Built for Your Home

  • Our custom doors are designed and built to perfectly fit your home’s unique specifications.
  • This ensures a seamless door installation process by our trained factory experts, with minimal disruption to your home’s exterior.

Fast and Efficient

  • Thanks to our custom-fit doors and the expertise of our installation team, door replacement is completed swiftly and efficiently.
  • You’ll have your new sliding glass doors in place before you know it.

Double Lifetime Guarantee

Our Confidence in Quality

  • We’re so confident in the quality of our sliding glass doors that we back them with a transferable double lifetime guarantee.
  • This assurance reflects our commitment to delivering doors that stand the test of time and meet the highest standards of excellence.

We offers a wide range of services for your home or business :


*  Sliding Patio Doors
*  Hinged Patio Doors
*   Sliding Glass Doors
*  Coastal Storm Doors
*  Lift and slide doors
*  Sliding patio doors
*  Arch top french doors
*   Sliding french doors
*   French Doors
*   Swinging french doors
*   Bi-fold doors
*   Sliding glass, Screen Door & Window Adjustments
*   Door trimmings, Reversals, Refurbishments
*   Custom Screen Doors
*   Various Roller, Track, Handle and Screen Upgrades
*   Guides, Bumpers, Brackets
*   Security Devices, Locks, Charlie Bars
*   Roller & Track Repair & Installation
*   Handles, Latches, Levers


We are open 24/7, 365 days a year for all of your emergency window and glass repair needs.

Our Sliding patio doors are custom-crafted for your home, with an array of sidelights, transoms, grids and hardware to choose from. Not sure what sliding glass doors are best for your home? Our factory experts can help you create the perfect configuration – which will be custom built just for you.


Our Sliding door replacement process is smooth and easy. Because our custom doors are built specifically for your home, door installation – completed by our trained factory experts – is fast and doesn’t disturb the exterior of your home. We’re so sure you’ll love your new sliding glass doors that we back them with a transferable double lifetime guarantee.

Patio Door Repair introduces our most advanced security and locking system — the NEW SecurityMAX package exclusively for Tuscany® Series and Montecito® Series sliding patio doors.
The SecurityMAX package includes the multi-point locking system paired with the new, innovative SmartTouch® Bolt, a fully integrated, easy-to-use steel bolt that secures your sliding patio door firmly into the top frame with the flip of a lever.


Sliding Patio Doors Repair Toronto, Does your Sliding Patio Door needs to be repaired? Check out Our company that offers door installation & repair Toronto Call 1-866-820-1331

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