Toronto Storm Door Repair

Toronto Storm Door Repair

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Toronto Storm Door Repair team will repair the door and its hardware, like locks, closer, bracket, latch and anything that you need help with. Toronto Storm Door Repair service offered all 24/7 is provided fast, thanks to our mobile units always ready to assist you. Whenever you need us, call Toronto Storm Door Repair and one of our team will show up at your door in 20 minutes, or less. Call us today!

Toronto Storm Door Repair
Toronto Storm Door Repair

Home owners have storm doors installed for a variety of reasons: protecting the exterior doors from inclement weather, the security of being able to see who is at your front or back door without the need of opening the door. Toronto Storm Door Repair teams are always around your area, with vans stocked with everything necessary to help you if your door or its hardware is broken. A storm door is also energy efficient by preventing hot or cold air from seeping in, the added bonus of keeping out crawling and flying insects, and adding an aesthetically pleasing look to a home’s exterior for curb appeal. Toronto Storm Door Repair team is always on call, all 24/7, fully equipped with all tools and supplies needed to offer the door service needed. Because front and back doors are the first line of defence against heavy winds, an improperly functioning storm door closer can be caused by something as simple as a storm door left ajar and caught off guard by wind, resulting in the door whipping back and forth. The excessive flapping of the door can lead to the bracket bending or breaking and making the closer inoperable. Call Toronto Storm Door Repair service to come and help you fix any problem you have with your storm door. Call us 24/7!

Another popular reason for a broken storm door closer is the amount of normal daily traffic going in and out. Everyday usage alone can cause the closer to work overtime in homes with large families, putting extra stress and strain on the closer’s components. Additional reasons for a storm door closer to not work properly include:

  • Internal springs wearing out or rusting over time
  • Springs becoming unadjusted, which prevents the door closer from closing properly
  • Spring tension needing an adjustment to accommodate the weight of the door
  • Faulty or improperly installed latch that secures the door preventing the door closer from doing its job

Remember that you can call us 24/7 to help. However, while it is inconvenient to have a broken storm door, it is not a very hard do-it-yourself project, if you are technically inclined. With a few tools and materials and a little time, you can put your storm door back in working condition. We will give you some tips on how do to it and what tools you will need. To fix the problem of a malfunctioning storm door closer, gather the recommended tools and materials together to be prepared. As tools, you will need a corded drill and a drill bit set, a 4-in-1 screwdriver, finishing nails, storm door jamb reinforcement, some wood putty and wood paint.

Removing the Storm Door Bracket – Whenever a storm door closer is subjected to unusual usage that it is not designed to handle, it can stress the storm door bracket to the point that it breaks, warps, or is torn out of the door jamb. If torn from the jamb, it can result in additional damage, such as a cracked door frame. Also, a possibility is the mounting hardware necessary to hold the bracket in place becoming loose, or the mounting screws are stripped, making them useless to retain the bracket in place.

Before you start work, lock or secure the storm door. Remove the broken or bent closer bracket and mounting screws. Remove the piston pin from the closer bracket, releasing the piston arm. Discard the old bracket. Hold the new storm door reinforce plate against the door jamb where you plan to install it. Use a marker to signify where the holes will need to be drilled to secure the steel plate in place. When lining up the plate, be sure the steel plate is parallel to the edges of the door frame. Before installing the steel plate, fill in any damaged wood, holes, cracks or crevices that will not be covered up by the new plate with wood putty. Paint the repaired area. Once the repaired area is dry, place the steel plate onto the door frame and using a drill, attach it securely using wood screws. Attach the new storm door closer bracket to the steel plate with screws. It is important that the closer bracket be aligned with the storm door precisely so that there is enough space available to allow proper functioning between the storm door and the jamb. Use the piston pin you removed from the old bracket to connect the new bracket and piston arm. Once everything is connected, test the door to ensure it is opening and closing properly. Because a storm door is used so often, the storm door latch can stop working properly, making it hard to open and close the door. Fortunately, the latch can be repaired rather than having to be replaced most of the time.

Check the Door Hinges – If your storm door hinges have come loose, that could account for your storm door latch not working properly.  Loose hinges will push the door out, resulting in a latch that does not match up any more with the strike plate. Make sure that the screws that are securing the hinges are tight.  If they are loose, tighten them.

Inspect the Strike Plate – The strike plate is where the door latches to stay shut.  It is a metal plate that is attached to the door frame with a hole dug out of the centre for the latch to sit in. Sometimes the screws securing the strike plate can become lose, causing the door to not latch properly. If this is the case, tightening the lose screws should make the door latch properly. If the wood from the door frame sits higher in the strike plate opening that the actual strike plate itself, this could also cause the door not to close properly.  You can use a hand chisel to knock out the extra wood, but a much easier solution is to use a drill to grind down the exposed wood. Once the excess wood has been removed, the storm door should latch properly.

Move the Strike Plate – If grinding down the exposed wood did not work, you may have to move the strike plate up or down so the door will latch properly. Close the door slowly, paying attention to the latch.  Does it look like it is not centreed in the strike plate?  Is it sitting too high or too low? If this is the case, then remove the strike plate and reinstall so that it is lined up with the latch. When you do this, you will also need to re-chisel out the holes where the latch sits. If the storm door still will not latch properly, there is a chance that the latch is fine and the problem is with the door frame.  Overtime, the wood on a door frame can warp, stopping the door from latching correctly. If this is the case, you may have to replace the door frame.

Our specialized team can come to your help at any time of the day or night whenever you find yourself with a broken storm door, a broken hinge or a broken latch. When you call for our help, one of our professional and friendly door service expert will be at your door in an average of 20 minutes. We specialize in emergency door services as well as general doors, and special doors for homes and businesses. Join our ever-growing circle of satisfied customers in the area, backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and superior 24 hours customer service. We carry state of the art equipment and the finest hardware made by top manufacturers, so weather you are in need of a commercial or residential door and lock service – we got the quick, simple, cost effective solution for you.

If your doors have seen better days, it may be time for a replacement! Having a new door installed is one of the best ways to add to your home or business and save money on your energy bills! Whether you need to replace your doors for energy efficiency purposes, re-sale value or durability, there are doors out there that are perfect for you, and we can help you chose the right ones for your needs and budget. For years, our team has installed and replaced doors for home owners in the area. It does not matter why you need to replace your doors – just pick up the phone and call us. Call us now – our 24 hours door service will gladly assist you with any door and lock questions you may have.

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