Vaughan Speciality Door Repair

Vaughan Speciality Door Repair

Vaughan Speciality Door Repair services will repair, replace and install any special door that gives you headaches on your property. Vaughan Speciality Door Repair will take care of fire doors, cold doors, man—trap doors and more. Vaughan Speciality Door Repair team is local, mobile and fast, being able to reach your place in 20 minutes from your call. Call us 24/7!

Vaughan Speciality Door Repair
Vaughan Speciality Door Repair

As a specialized team in door service, Vaughan Speciality Door Repair will come to you day or night, 24/7, whenever and wherever you need our assistance. Vaughan Speciality Door Repair will help you get your fire doors up to the fire code requirements, and will be able to recommend the best doors for all your needs.

Vaughan Speciality Door Repair provide help with fire doors. Rolling steel fire doors have long been a key facet of work place security. In case of fire, these doors, which operate from ceiling to floor, work by sealing off an area where there is smoke and fire, thus preventing it from spreading quickly throughout the building. In addition to helping save lives, rolling steel fire doors also help protect property, supplies, products, sensitive documents and potential widespread damage. Rolling steel fire doors were invented to stop or slow down the spread of fire from one area or room to the next. When the threat of fire is eminent, these doors close to prevent a fire from moving to other parts of your building. Height and width can be customized to fit different sized openings throughout any building or warehouse space as required by the local fire jurisdiction. In addition to controlling smoke and fire situations, many customers use rolling steel fire doors for employee entry and exit on a daily basis. Many cities require that fire doors be tested on an annual basis by a certified door technician. Rolling steel fire doors are certified to meet building and fire code requirements. Keeping up with Fire Code standards is a necessity for all business and public buildings. Most fire authorities suggest that you have your roll up doors tested annually to ensure they are working properly in the event of an emergency. Some cities require special testing and certification each year. The fact that you are reading this means you recognize that keeping up to fire code standards is an integral part of protecting lives. Here is a check list of things that inspections should include.

  • Curtain, guides, hood and baffle
  • Brackets and operating assemblies
  • Closing and governor assemblies
  • Sash/race chain and S-hooks
  • Guide assembly and hood attachment to the wall
  • Track, rollers, binders, stops, and pulleys
  • Fusible links
  • Chain and S-hooks
  • Track and hardware
  • Counterbalance assembly
    Check and Use of Non-Flammable Lube:
  • Tension balance and/or drop spring
  • Operation of door
  • All firing, drop and pivot arms
  • Speed of door as it drops
  • Fire and re-set door
  • Fire a second time and re-set door 

We provide a fire door service program which insures that your rolling steel fire doors are tested annually. We perform all of the items in the check list above and even simulate an emergency to see if the doors perform up to fire code standards in the event of a real emergency. Your inspection will end with a written report of doors that passed our inspection as well as recommendations of repairs, if needed, to bring doors up to fire code and pass inspection.

Our team will help you with your cold storage doors too. Protecting your perishable products or shipments from climate changes is imperative, even more so with the summer heat starting to bare down on us. Ware-houses with climate control storage, convenience stores with refrigerated sections, and grocery stores with meat freezers all need to do a thorough exam of their cold storage rooms. One of the quickest ways to lose heat from your cold storage is to have a cold storage door not working properly. Whether the seal is malfunctioning or the door simply is inefficient, losses from spoilage and energy alike can take a financial toll on your business. If your business store perishable items like seafood, meats, and frozen goods, the resulting loss from spoilage could have a heavy impact on your bottom line. Large quantities of food are lost at the retail level every year. While food spoilage is not the largest factor, it is a completely avoidable factor if the cold storage is working properly. Ill-fitted or worn out seals allows cold air to escape from the storage area. In turn, your thermostat consistently increases which means the refrigeration unit is perpetually attempting to lower the temperature. A few degrees here and there might not seem like a big deal, but the energy bill for an efficiently working cold storage unit compared to an inefficient one will be. We have the knowledge and experience to repair or replace any cold storage door. Cold storage door options:

  • Freezer Doors
  • Cooler Doors
  • Self-Closing Doors
  • Distribution Doors and Storage Doors
  • Manual Doors or Motor Operated Doors

We can provide immediate assistance for convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores, servicing common cold storages such as deli cases, beverage cooler doors, meat department doors, produce and floral area doors. We understand that with every passing second and every rising degree, your products shelf-life is at stake. Ensuring employee safety at all times within the work place is a top priority for most all companies today. When you are working around motor operated doors and have the responsibility of managing employees, maintaining their safety can be done by implementing a few tips in the workplace to minimize any potential risk. The more aware you are of how to manage safety procedures whenever you are around motor operated ware-house doors, the less likely you or any of your employees are to become injured. Before you begin implementing any new safety rules around your workplace, be sure to thoroughly read and review all safety manuals that are provided with the type of motor operators you work around each day. Creating copies of the manuals is another way to share and distribute the information within various departments and locations of your place of work easily. Create bold and colourful outlines on sheets of paper to ensure safety tips for your employees any time they are working around the motor operated doors in the workplace. Be sure to post safety tips and instructions in each location where a motor operated hangar is present, in multiple spots if possible. The more visible your safety tips are to your employees, the less likely you are to encounter an accident. Calling a mandatory meeting is also advisable when implementing new safety tips into the work place and guiding employees on how to prevent injuries when surrounded by motor operated doors. Hosting a meeting also ensures you have provided your employees with adequate information to keep your company less liable in any injury case. Create a buddy system in the workplace, requiring two or more employees to operate the motor operated door before entering or exiting the building. Having a buddy system in place can reduce accidents and errors when managing the hangars themselves. Maintaining employee safety around motor operated doors not only ensures you are keeping all risk of potential injury at a minimum, but it also allows you to create a safe work environment for your employees to feel comfortable in. Providing your employees with the proper guides, tools and resources to stay safe in all conditions regardless of the number of motor operated warehouse doors you are around is a way to make a workplace that is genuinely desirable and protected.

Another service provided by our team for speciality doors, is repair, replacement and installation of man-trap doors. Man-trap door systems are specialized doors used primarily for security purposes. Basically, it is a small, enclosed vestibule with two sets of interlocking doors. Typically, one door cannot be opened without the other being shut or locked. The main purpose of a man-trap door is security. These types of doors have actually been in existence for quite some time, dating back to the middle ages. Visitors would enter into a gated space through one door while their credentials were reviewed prior to gaining access to the main area. While the concept pretty much holds true to this day, the technology has obviously improved. Another purpose of a man-trap door is to create a “clean room”. This applies to companies in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and other industries that deal with chemicals. This is to ensure that any harmful materials do not exit the restricted area. Today, we do not need an armoured guard to check credentials, even though in some instances it is still used. Technology has provided man-trap systems with authorization access tools such as swipe cards, retina scans, and even more advanced techniques. The vast majority of corporations and businesses use some form of swipe or key card entry. They are simple, secure, and quite a bit less pricey than something like a retina scan. Your business probably will not need quite that level of sophistication unless you have highly classified information or are in need of a “clean room”. Want to see an example of a man-trap door in real life? They are a lot more common than you think. Head over to your local bank and witness one first hand. You will notice that you have to enter through two sets of doors before actually stepping into the bank. In fact, a lot of banks place ATMs inside the first set of doors. During the off-hours you are required to swipe your debit card and provide your pin in order to gain access to the ATM. The interior set of doors are locked during these off-hours.

Our teams are around the city at any given time, being able to arrive at your place in 20 minutes, wherever you are, and at any time you call for our speciality door service. Call us now!


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