Toronto Commercial Doors Repair

Toronto Commercial Doors Repair

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Are you looking for a contractor that can help make your dream storefront a reality? Contact Toronto Commercial Doors Repair Service. We serve commercial clients in GTA Ontario within a 80 KM radius of Toronto. We will also go out as far as Hamilton Ontario.

Our company was founded and established by Doors Repair Toronto in 2001 and incorporated in 2004. We consider ourselves a niche company because unlike most other storefront and commercial door suppliers we will install mostly everything we sell. Our masonry services set us apart from the competition and save you time and money by eliminating the need to find someone else to install your door.

Toronto Commercial Doors Repair  is bonded and insured to supply and install commercial door frames and hardware to clients in GTA Ontario. Contact us today for an estimate!


Toronto Commercial Doors Repair  provides the following services for commercial clients in GTA Ontario:

  • Materials and Labor Toronto Commercial Doors Repair
  • Storefronts Door Repair
  • Supply and Installation of Commercial Door Frames/Hardware
  • Hollow Metal, Wood, Fiberglass and Aluminum Storefronts
  • Heavy Traffic Doors
  • Masonry Services – We will install door frames in an existing masonry wall with no doorway in it. We can also knock down walls to put doors in.
  • Stockroom Doors


We are also dealers for high quality brands such as:

  • Special-Lite
  • Republic
  • Dorma
  • Chappell Door
  • And More!

We do not sell or perform overhead door work or garage doors at this time.

Commercial Door Repair Toronto is bonded and insured to supply and install commercial door frames and hardware to clients in GTA Ontario. Contact us today for an estimate!

Toronto Commercial Door Repair

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Door Closer and Floor Spring Repair or Replacement


We provide replacement / repair work for floor springs and door closer. A door closer is used frequently on the main wooden or glass door in commercial building and condominium as well as some HDB flats. The purpose of the door closer is to automatically close the door after opening at a slow speed without slamming. Glass doors –  Most glass doors uses a floor spring to slow down the speed of closing which is essential to prevent the glass from slamming against the frame. Most floor spring are located on the floor covered by a metal cover. Replacement of floor springs require removal of the glass door and thus realignment after the work is done. The floor spring that is to be used depends on the size of the door as the larger it is, the stronger the spring has to be to slow down the closing speed of the door. Wooden doors – For HDB flats, it is common for the use of the exposed door closer. There are several brands of door closer such as dorma and P&M both of which has several different models. It is advisable to stick back to the same model as a different model would usually also mean a different size which could affect the outlook of the door (such as screw holes and paint colour difference). Example of expose door closer:  While for condominium unit, it is more common for the doors to be using the concealed. For the concealed door closer, it is essential that the model that is used to replace is the same type due to the fact that the hole in the door is already fixed. A example of the concealed door closer:  For more information on our door repair services, drop us a call at: 647 866 0956


Main Door and Room Door Repair Toronto


We provide repair services for all types of wooden door. This includes your main door, fire rated door as well as room doors which are made up of wood in Toronto . Most issues that such door faces are due to the alignment which can be skewed due to the hinges being damaged. This is especially true for the main door that is fire rated due to the weight of the door. Beside the hinges, other factors that can affect the closing of the door includes floor that is raised (usually due to overlaying of tiles) or wood that has expanded due to exposure to moisture over time. For doors of landed properties, the wood inside might have loosen over time as the weight can be heavier than that of HDB or Condominium doors in Toronto  due to the extra height and width of the door. For all repair work, we would require and onsite inspection. The transportation charge is at $45. For more information on our door repair services, drop us a call at 647-866-0956

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