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Pickering Door Repair

Pickering Door Repair  

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Pickering Door Repair, Repair of doors, exterior or interior, is a project best left to professionals. Water, sun, and traffic contribute to dents, chips, fading, and rotting front doors. If the door is wood, other considerations are end grain and panel damage which results in splits or cracks.  Hoist way enclosure problems after a door is forced open and any door buckling should also be addressed by an expert. Even nature’s creatures play a role. Door jambs can be caused by termites or frequent usage. Fiberglass doors can sustain cracks and dents but could eventually shatter under certain conditions.

Emergency Door Repair Pickering is knowledgeable about door repairs, maintenance, and service. We are experts in evaluating the actual damage and we offer the best solution to getting doors looking good as new. Repairing or replacing a door is something you should invest in so to give your home a welcoming ambience. Front doors in particular are the all-important first impression.

We provide excellent door repair in Pickering if that’s something you’re looking to get. However, at some point repair may not be the best decision. It may be better to install a new door. This may not be an easy task to do since currently replacement doors come in a wide variety of options. Our business specializes in both sliding door installation Pickering and repair. We will discuss the best selection for your house as we are the best sliding door doctor Pickering or any kind of doors.

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Steel doors are durable, low maintenance and easy to repair. The best benefit of steel doors is re-work ability. Repairs may involve welding holes or simply just grounding and patching a dented area. If you’re looking at hinge damage, it takes about an hour to fix this. The work can usually be done onsite by one of our expert technicians. If it’s rust, usually this cannot be corrected. This is a definite sign that the door should be replaced.

Wood doors are very attractive, and can include decorative glass for a stunning entryway. Mahogany and rustic walnut are highly recommended. Wood does require regularly scheduled painting and varnish which is one of our specialties. Dents, cracks, and decontamination are a few of the wooden door repairs Pickering our company handles.

Aluminum doors are used mainly for garages and sliding patio style doors. This light, silvery metal is extremely difficult to repair. Most experts recommend replacing than aluminium sliding door repairs.

24Hr Hotline: (647) 866 0956

Fiberglass doors are practical and attractive when painted or stained. Our process to repair cracks or patch fiberglass involves high-quality solutions and compounds made expressly for the material. One drawback is fiber glass can dent or shatter if subjected to extreme force.

Hollow core doors are used as interior doors for bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. A fiberboard honeycomb structure inside the door prevents bends and warps. Fiberboard is made of wood and fibers compressed into a board. They are not weather resistant, are strictly lightweight doors that fulfill the need for privacy. Although affordably priced, these doors transmit sound and can only be repainted. We may recommend a solid core door with a heavy fiberboard interior and a wood veneer exterior. These more solid doors lessen sound transmissions.

For sliding doors Pickering repairs or whatever problem you have with any kind of door, give Locksmith Pickering a call today. We provide a free quote and the best solution to your needs. All our work is guaranteed and certified.

Professional Commercial & Residential Door Service


A 24 Hour Pickering Door Repair provides professional door service to both businesses and homes. We operate in three major locations; GTA, Southwestern and Barrie Ontario, but also provide service to many of the surrounding locations. We are available for 24/7 emergency service and are able to provide a vast amount of door related services. We have service trucks stocked with commonly used parts giving us the ability to send a tech out to you immediately. When it comes to your home or business, put your trust in a company that has developed thirty years of experience in the door service market. Give us a call today!

Commercial Glass Repair

Everyone in this age knows that everything has a fix- including that commercial door that’s been troubling you in your business premises. A 24 Hour Pickering Door Repair is the entity that exists solely to solve all your door problems, and that’s good for you.

What We Do

As a duly insured and licensed entity popular in the service industry, Pickering Door Repair deals in repair, replacement, and installation of commercial doors. This means that we have trained experts who can deliver services in all of those job categories with utmost elegance.

Besides that, we deal with various types of commercial doors to make sure we cover all clients without discriminating on the type of door they have or want. These types include glass swing and aluminum doors, sliding glass doors, special handles and locks, manual entries, custom entrances, ADA doors, automatic doors, and many more types.

How We Do It

Imagine a situation where a commercial door develops a problem that needs fixing with immediate effect. The kind of service you receive, then, depends on who you call. At Pickering Door Repair, we appreciate the value of our customers. We avail our services throughout day and night. That means that you never have to worry about something happening to your commercial door in the middle of the night.

In addition, you get a free price quotation for the service you need when you call us – and that’s not all. In fact, you get your door fixed on the spot when our team hits the ground. That’s because we have trucks packed with enough spare parts ready for use in new installations, repair, or replacements. We also make a point of working with genuine and durable parts or materials so you don’t have to keep replacing or repairing worn out parts every few weeks. That would be infuriating, you know!

Why You Need To Call Us Today

It’s a fact that the service industry is awash with quacks that rip off people and do poor jobs, and anyone smart enough to know that would naturally want to avoid such experiences. If you need the job done by professionals with decades of experience in handling commercial doors, you definitely need to call us. That’s besides the reliable, 24-hour service that you get to enjoy. Some service providers won’t even pick your emergency calls at night. You deserve better.

The rule of thumb in keeping client’s happy is attending to their needs with prompt and precision, and at Pickering Door Repair, we know that. Our team is trained to work fast and get the job done as quickly as possible. You can have your business back up and running within the same day of calling us – like nothing happened to the door! With that, you save you both time and money, and that’s something you wouldn’t want to lose on some inexperienced service provider. You want the best? Pickering Door Repair is the best.

Residential Door Service Pickering Door Repair

Let’s a take a moment to ponder over one issue that seems to really affect home security: The door – precisely the residential door. The door is the critical point of entry into your house, which means that it needs to be perfect. However, residential doors often develop some troubling issues, and that’s exactly where experts like Pickering Door Repair come in.

Pickering Door Repair is a residential door installation, repair, and replacement service provider that’s formally insured and legally licensed to operate. In that case, you might be wondering what exactly you get by dealing with this company. First off, you’re dealing with a certified, credible entity. Here are a few more insights:

We Show Up For You When You Need Us Most

A good service provider, especially one dealing in matters concerning home security, is one that shows up promptly and prepared when called upon. That’s why we avail our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The last thing you want is to call a lazy service provider that can’t show up when you need them. Also, when we show up, we solve your residential door problems within the same day. Pickering Door Repair, reliability is our mantra. You need exactly that.

Expect Quality Service From A 24 Hour Pickering Door Repair

Imagine a quack showing up at your door masquerading as “the best door fixer in the neighborhood.” You end up losing money and getting disappointed at their painfully poor job. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, do you? You definitely don’t want to take chances with a door that’s supposed to keep you and your family safe. There’s absolutely NO room for doubts or trial jobs.

With our experienced management team and certified, hands-on professional technicians, you don’t need to worry about shoddy jobs. What you get is a perfectly fixed residential door that lets you live in peace. Who doesn’t want that?

Convenience, Variety, And Utmost Etiquette

Picture this: A crook shows up to fix your door that needs just a little troubleshooting, but instead of doing that, they decide to drain more money off your wallet by telling you about “the perfect door” that they’re apparently selling – but at a pretty steep price. Professionals don’t do that. A good service provider should respect you and your personal preferences, and that’s why the experts from A 24 Hour Door Repair Toronto don’t try to shove ideas down your throat. You have the right to decide whether to re-install, replace, or just fix what you have.

In fact, our esteemed experts are experienced enough to offer you practical and sound advice to ensure your utmost satisfaction and best experience with us. We don’t leave gaps or security flaws at people’s homes. That would be crude, you know.

Fire Door Repairs

Following the fire door inspection in your facility, you will be provided with a detailed list of deficiencies that will need to be repaired. LSS offer fire door repairs based on NFPA 80. Common minor repairs include:

  • Gap adjustment
  • Installation of smoke seals
  • Hinge replacement
  • Silencer replacements
  • Strikes for locksets and panics

If the fire door cannot be repaired, our expert technicians will assess the door and provide the necessary information for you to make an informed decision about complete fire door replacement or major repair.

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