Door Repair Mississauga

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Door Repair Mississauga

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Door Repair Mississauga, Ontario, is the right prescription for your home’s door issues. We specialize in door repair and replacement for everything from your front door to your garage door. With our help, your home is made safer and more attractive at the same time. Turn the knob and invite a new look into your home with door services from us.

We strive to make our customers comfortable and educate them so that they make the right decisions concerning their door needs. Service includes a free evaluation of your door’s current condition and an estimate to completely solve the problem or replace the door. For your convenience, we offer flexible service scheduling.

What We Offer
The simple door is an essential part to any building. Built solid, they keep our homes cool, warm, safe, and private. With proper care, they will last many years. However, wood breaks, glass shatters, and paint wears off. These problems may leave you looking for repairs or maybe even with a door overhaul project. It may be time for that new door you’ve been thinking about.

Mississauga Door services include …door repair Mississauga

*    Trim and Jamb Repair (Door Frame Repair)
*    Threshold and Weather Stripping
*    Rot Damage Replacement
*    Repair, Refinish, Reinsulate or Restain
*    Glass Repair and Replacement

Doors Repair Mississauga

Door Repair Mississauga is a supplier of wrought iron entries and custom wood entries of the highest quality. We feature hand made products in both iron and finished woods.
At Door Repair Mississauga we ease the process of ordering, installing and servicing the doors we sell to insure our customers are satisfied and happy!

Mississauga Door Repair Services

We now have a extensive line of iron entry doors, iron garage doors and windows. We have added unique wooden entry doors, interior doors, storm doors, garage doors and even windows. These doors have a factory stain so as to have a furniture finish for added luster and longevity. We strive to design and build doors that both compliment the architectural style of your home and best meets your needs. You can saves lots of money if use your existing jamb (very green reusing old jamb; less mess; less time; new look). Installed wood doors are completely painted/stained with hardware included.

In summary …

* Iron Entry doors installed or not installed
* Custom wood entries installed or not installed
* Exterior entry slab doors (door only to fit your jamb)
* Custom wood storm doors
* Custom security doors
* Custom fiberglass and metal entry doors

In addition, we offer every kind of door hardware for doors and cabinets. We sell John Wright, Rocky Mountain, Baldwin, Sun Valley, Nobilus, Von Morris, Emtek and Bravura – having displays of each to help you decide the best fit for your home.