Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham

Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham

Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham team is around to serve you with all your shower door needs, from repair to installation, at any time. Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham service will not only replace your old sliding shower door, but will also repair or replace old rollers, tracks and handles. Our team will also help you with any other door inside or around your property, so call Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham team 24/7. Call us now for any door service!

Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham
Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham

Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham service will come to you day or night to help, no need to wait for the next day if your door has fallen or you cannot open it. Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham will replace the problematic door, or repair it, including its hardware. Not only that Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham team is serving your sliding doors, bur we can also service and maintain any other door, be it exterior, interior, swinging, regular, or any other type. Including your garage doors.

Replacing a shower enclosure door is a job for professionals, and it is pretty heavy, this is why we usually come in teams. Whenever you work with glass, you need to be especially cautious when moving and positioning it. It is a job for our Sliding Shower Door Replace Markham team, unless you are quite handy with tools and then you can do by yourself quite easily. Of all the components of a home that most people pay close attention to, the shower door is probably pretty low on the list. However, because this particular component plays an important role not just in your day-to-day life, but in the longevity of many of the materials surrounding it, a broken shower door is definitely worth paying attention to. The ease with which this unique fixture can be repaired or replaced will be highly dependent on its style and dimensions.  It does not require any special tools, but something that you might already have. If you decide you want to do it by yourself, follow these steps to replace a sliding shower door.

  • Removing the doors – With a sliding shower enclosure door replacement you will need to start by removing the old door. Step inside the shower and close the door. Grasp the interior sliding door at the sides and lift it gently upward, then push the top away from you. Doing so will release the top of the door from the track. While keeping a firm hold on the door, lower it and push the bottom outward to release it from the lower track. Use extreme caution while removing the door. Rest it against the bathroom wall. Use the same procedure for the exterior shower door, working from outside the shower. If the door is too heavy for you, call us to help. We come fast and our job is affordable priced. Be safe, this is the most important thing.
  • Removing the frame – Use your knife to cut the caulking from the shower frame at the sides and bottom. The top of the frame is secured to the sides by screws. Loosen and remove them, then lift the top rail from the frame. The side rails are held in place by retaining screws. Loosen and remove them, then pull the side rails away from the wall. The bottom rail will lift freely from the enclosure. Use your utility knife to remove any remaining caulk.
  • Fitting the new frame – Cut the new side rails to the correct size. Clean away any metal shavings and set the bottom rail in place, centering it on the enclosure. Tape it into place so that it cannot move. Place a side rail on the bottom rail. Use your level to ensure that the side rail is straight. Mark the screw holes on the side wall of the enclosure. Repeat for the other side rail. Drill holes in the enclosure where you have made your mark and insert the anchors. Start by putting the rubber stop over a screw and tightening it in the centre of the side rail. Repeat this step on the other side bar. Place the top rail over the side rails and secure it into place with screws on each end.
  • Hanging new doors – The rollers should face outward and inward for the respective doors. To hang the interior door, step inside the shower. Grip the shower enclosure door by the sides. Push it into the top rail and pull toward you until the rollers hook on the top track. Now pull down and hook the lower rollers under the bottom track. Repeat on the outside for the exterior door. Caulk the inside and outside of the bottom and side rails where they meet the shower enclosure.

The tools needed to perform all this work are: tape measure, drill and bits, a pencil, a hacksaw, a level, a utility knife, some silicone caulk, an adjustable wrench, Phillips head screwdriver and a caulking gun. You are all done and have a new shower door.

Though some home owners are happy to tackle this job themselves, many will leave shower door installation and repair to the professionals. Our professional is just as important as the dimensions of the shower or tub when it comes to ensuring a good fit and long-lasting operation.

If you are simply calling for repair, our service is the perfect choice. They can replace rollers, repair broken glass, and fix hinges. What this means for you: A fast and effective solution for many different annoyances on any part of your property, all for one single (and very reasonable) price. If your job is more involved (replacing large components in a custom shower enclosure, for example), you will need to call our team who specializes in this specific kind of work.

To keep it going and serve you property for many more years to come, here are 5 fibreglass shower stall maintenance tips. While a fibreglass shower stall is a basic for all bath-rooms, with time the shine seems fades because of continuous use. Most of us wish to make these stalls last a long time and keep their brand-new look intact. That can be done by following a few simple maintenance steps. These steps are neither heavy on your pockets nor are they difficult to implement.

  • Cleaning the Stall – With regular use, the stall surface becomes foggy due to exposure to water and soaps that form a grimy scum over the fiber. Use a shampoo or liquid soap to clean the surface. Simply wipe the cleaning agent all over, and then wipe it with a fresh rag or wet sponge. If you do not want to use these products, make do with a vinegar-soaked sponge or baking soda dissolved in water. Apply it and let the stall walls dry naturally. See the results for yourself. Your shower stall becomes as good as new.
  • Precautions – Never use a hard material on the walls of the stall. Doing so leads to scratches, which spoils the elegance of your shower stall. Make sure that the shower door is left open after taking a bath to prevent condensation. Prolonged condensation interferes with the transparency of the stall walls that cannot be restored with any amount of cleaning.
  • Painting – Another useful tip to maintain your shower stall is to paint it after installation. Doing so saves later cleaning, as the paint forms a protective layer that resists scum. Remove the gloss from the fibreglass by roughening the surface. It can be done with sand paper. Next remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Now that the fibreglass surface is ready to be painted, fill the spray tube with fibreglass varnish or primer. Spread it evenly without allowing any paint to drip. Proceed from the upper level to that below. Allow it to dry for few hours, then take a fibreglass paint of any brand and apply it in the same manner as the primer. Let it dry. At least 4 coats need to be applied.

To maintain the shine of your fibre glass shower stall, clean it with plain water every day. Install an exhaust fan to reduce the accumulation of soap scum or dirt on the shower stalls. An exhaust fan freshens your bathroom and protects the stalls. Because of constant exposure to moisture and running water, shower stalls are a haven for mildew. Mildew not only makes the stall area unclean, but it also spolis the fresh feel of a bath. If the fungus has already formed, then you simply need to mix equal parts of water and bleach in a spray bottle. Wear gloves, as bleach eats into the skin. Now spray the solution onto the stall portions where the mildew is present. If the layer does not come off, then wipe it with a scrub brush and spray again. Another step that could eradicate such fungal growth is installing an automatic sprayer in the stall that sprays anti-fungal compositions at intervals. It is a cheap and effective way to tackle fungal growth.

All that is left to do is enjoy your new shower doors. And keep in mind that we will come to you as fast as 20 minutes when you call for our 24/7 help!

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