Patio Door Lock Repair in Toronto

Xpress Patio Door Lock Repair and service in Toronto

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Has your patio door lock failed? Let Xpress Door Repair Toronto take care of the repair today. Our emergency locksmith in Toronto repair service is dedicated to keeping Toronto residents safe when this type of situation happens.

When wooden doors dominated the market, it was sometimes easy to pop to your local hardware store and pick up a replacement and fit it yourself. But upvc and recently composite doors are the norm and it has become a specialist area.

There are repair kits made by Yale and ERA that are supposed to suit the diy market but ask any Screwfix assistant, they get returned more often than not and are expensive as well!

The type of patio locks that are possibly  on your door are:


Xpress Toronto Locksmiths have vast ammounts of original stock stored away so that even when doors are over 15 years old we can still fix them and give your old door a new lease of life.

If the patio door is in a locked position and you are unable to open it, as experienced locksmith it won’t be a problem. We will be able to open the door without any fuss guaranteed.

If the door is open and can not be locked, we appreciate the security of your property will be an issue. Our aim will be to get to you the same day of the call and if possible in 60 minutes. We will not charge extra for this emergency call out as well.

If for some reason it is not cost effective to repair your patio door, we promise not to charge for the call out. On most occasions a quote will be given over the phone but if on inspection we feel you would be better to change the door, that advice will be given without charge.

All work is guaranteed and payment isn’t taken until you are happy with the work undertaken.

It is not only the patio lock that can be exchanged, if the handles requires upgrading these can be swapped at the same time  or at a later date if it is just the handles that are the problem.

For a friendly response call Xpress Door Repair Toronto at 866-820-1331 Locksmiths for a patio door repair in Toronto Ontario 647-839-7776

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