Markham Door Hinge Care

Markham Door Hinge Care

Markham Door Hinge Care will make disappear a squeaky noise that any of your doors might have, in moments. At any time you need our help, Markham Door Hinge Care will show up at your door no later than 20 minutes from the time of your call. Markham Door Hinge Care is always available, as our teams are on stand by all 24 hours of the day. Call us today!

Markham Door Hinge Care
Markham Door Hinge Care

A squeaky door is enough to drive someone insane. The problem is often caused by wood rubbing against wood. The solution, however, can be as simple as removing your door hinges and coating them in a lubricant. There are 3 Methods to take care of a squeaky noise: Lubricating with Oil, Applying Wax to Hinge Pins, or Using Steel Wool to Remove Dirt or Rust. We will discuss here the first method for your convenience.

Lubricating with Oil method – steps:

Try to lubricate the hinge pin without removing it. You may be able to spray enough oil into the hinge pin without needing to actually remove the door.

Remove the hinge pin using a hammer and nail punch. Close your door and tap the hinge pin with a hammer and nail punch. Place the nail on the bottom of the door hinge and tap the nail’s tip with your hammer. Pull it up and out using the back end of your hammer or an old flat head screwdriver. When the hinge pins are removed, your door will not be attached to the doorway. Prop it up against the wall to prevent it from falling.

Coat your hinge pins in white grease to coat the hinge and prevent rusting. Press a rag or paper towel over the oil’s bottle opening and wipe down the hinge pins thoroughly. Motor oil also removes light (or surface) rust. Cooking oil can work as an alternative, as can cooking oil..

Put the pins back into the hinge by wiggling them back in until stable enough to use your hammer and nail again. Open and close the doors several times to make sure that the squeaking is gone and that your door is secure. If the door is still squeaky recoat your door hinge with oil (after re-removing the hinge pins) until the squeaking stops.

Wipe down any excess oil. Because oil is a fluid lubricant, some might drip on your door. As this can cause staining, use a clean rag to wipe away any leftover oil. Re-apply the oil as needed whenever your door hinges resume squeaking.

Even though this is an easy fix, there might be another reason to your squeaky door, and you can call our door service at any time to help.

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