King Handles Door Problems

King Handles Door Problems

King Handles Door Problems because problematic doors are not only annoying but can pose potential safety risks. King Handles Door Problems team can fix anything from creaking hinges and scratched surfaces, to faulty garage doors and stuck sliding doors. Our King Handles Door Problems professionals can also help with replacing door handles and installation of door furniture. 

King Handles Door Problems
King Handles Door Problems

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Our team has the knowledge and skills to help you with problems like:

  • Fixing holes, wood faults, scratches or other imperfections on the door surface
  • Sticking, catching or not properly sliding doors
  • Stiff, stuck or springing doors
  • Fixing or installing locking mechanisms or door handles
  • Kitting any type of door furniture

As a professional door service provider, we constantly strive to deliver a satisfactory service to all area’s residents. This is why we provide flexible schedule times and availability 24/7, even on weekends or holidays.

We cover the whole area and we provide service bundles customizable to your needs. Need a door frame repaired? No problem! We have the right tools, necessary training and experience to tackle the door repair or replacement.

We are experienced in repairing all types of doors, including:

  • Garage doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Screen doors
  • Roller doors
  • Aluminium doors

Our experts are fully equipped and can even supply you with additional parts and door hardware such as hinges, handles, locks, fasteners and other accessories. However, keep in mind that the costs for additional parts, if any, will be included in the final door repairs bill.

We work with a wide variety of both internal and external door fittings. For example, your project can include a simple door handle replacement or the installation of a new number, peep hole, or mailbox. And of course, we can completely replace your door if there is no hope for repair.

If you have questions about our door repair service, contact us, and our customer support team will give you all the information you need. Keep in mind that you can also take advantage of some of our other services while you have your doors repaired, such as:

  • Lock repairs
  • Locks replaced
  • Locks installed

Just contact Locksmith King and let us know what needs to be done and we will handle the rest. We will organise and schedule everything, so you can enjoy your free time.

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