Door Repair Toronto – Ten Ways to Get Over a Burglary

Door Repair Toronto – Ten Ways to Get Over a Burglary

Door Repair Toronto - Ten Ways to Get Over a Burglary
Having your home burgled is a traumatic time one that no one truly understands unless they’ve been through it. Although the material loss is evident there are other consequences which can impact on the simple enjoyment of everyday life.

Here are some tips that have been shared by others who have been burgled along with psychologists and Councillors to help you move on and forget about the people that invaded your home.

Add Security – The most common feeling after a burglary is fear. Usually we’ve enjoyed our lives up until this point feeling completely secure in our homes, yet a break in reminds us just how vulnerable we are. Add extra security, replace your locks and doors and make sure no burglar could penetrate your home again.
Add Privacy – Another feeling we experience is the invasion of privacy as we realise that unless it was an opportunist, the burglary took planning. This means the criminals could have watched our routine to determine the best times to strike. Add privacy, add blinds, shake it up with timers that turn your lights on and off unpredictably. Make a garden fence higher or turn glass doors into solid ones.
Replace Items Left Behind – If you are insured, you will no doubt be replacing items that were stolen however it can be advantageous to replace some left behind too. You may have items that have endured fingerprinting being forever etched in your mind as a reminder of the event. You may feel uncomfortable that they saw your underwear, in which case replace it.
Replace Stolen Items with Something Different – Items that are regularly stolen include electrical goods and jewellery. It may sound harsh but you will never be able to replace any memories stolen so don’t try. Update your items, buy something new, treat yourself to a necklace you’ve had your eye on.
Redecorate – Sometimes all it takes to change the atmosphere of a home is a lick of paint and some rearranging of furniture. Try it and see if you can’t make it a fresh start.
Accept Help – Police will offer you victim support for a reason, as you are a victim of crime. Connecting with people who understand your situation can be the first step towards moving on.
Take Action – Often victims of a burglary feel powerless as they’ve not been able to do anything to prevent the crime. Although justice is best left to the police you can become an active member of your community by starting a neighborhood watch scheme to prevent other burglaries in the future.
Talk – It’s not surprising that a burglary can be a trigger for OCD. Victims feel they need to check locks many times or do certain things in order to prevent the same happening again. This is why it’s essential to talk. Let your family know how you feel, talk to a Councillor or just to a friend so you have an outlet.
Share– Sharing is often the best way to get over something and although initially you may not want to relive the experience, in time you could help others by sharing. You can let others know how the burglar got in (so they can assess their own security), steps you’ve taken since, what helped you cope and even details about how good your insurance company was. If any good at all can come out of this situation, you’ll feel like you’re regaining control.
Move House– This may seem extreme but sometimes it is the only way. No matter what measures people take they simply can’t erase the memory. Moving house will not only give you a fresh start it also occupies the mind with positive thoughts as you become busy with arrangements.

If you’re ready to share your story, we’d love to hear from you so we can help our customers overcome burglary too.

Door Repair Toronto – Ten Ways to Get Over a Burglary

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