Changing front door locks in Toronto

Changing front door locks in Toronto

Changing front door locks in Toronto

5 Tips for changing locks on your front door


There can be many reasons for wanting to change a front door lock in Toronto. Maybe you are considering selling your property, this can greatly increase the street appeal of your property, the front door is the entrance to your home and the future buyers home, the better it looks, the more street appeal it has, locks can definitely influence this.

It could even be that you recently read an article on the weaknesses of certain types of home security and its made you think about changing your front door locks. As locksmiths the most common cause for changing locks is a recent burglary or new property owners. One reason vastly different to the other yet both completely justifiable.

Whether it’s any of the above reasons, or any we may have missed, we give you 5 key points to consider when changing your front door locks.


  1.       Deadlock

Always install a deadlock on a front door. Deadlocks today are the best form of defense against outside intruders. Whether you are just changing the lock, or installing a new one it’s always best to include a deadlock on your door. There are many types of deadlocks, all of which can be placed instead of an existing lock of just about any type with the right skill.

If in doubt as always, call a locksmith in Toronto.


locksmith in Toronto


  1.      Level of security of deadlock

As there are many types of deadlocks there also many levels of security for deadlocks. It’s always best to consider the level of security so that it is fit for purpose. I.e if you have an internal door in a secure building, with a high security deadlock on the main door, you may not need a one. If you’re on a budget you could get a 5 Lever deadlock and it would be fit for purpose as the building itself is secure. The same goes for bedroom door locks and most internal doors in offices.

On the other hand, if you live in a large block, unsecured, with many people accessing at many times of the day and night, it may be best to invest in a High Security deadlock just to be safe. A locksmith would be able to provide advice as to which locks would suite which doors according to their purpose.

  1.      Usability and functionality of the lock

It’s always best to consider how many times a day and how many people will be using the lock. Whether you want to be able to unlock it from indoors without a key or whether you prefer having a key on each side to keep the kids from opening the door. Each deadlock will have a different use, some will be Auto-deadlock and will be able to lock themselves as the door shuts, others will require you to lift the handle and then turn the key for the deadlock to be fully engaged. Considering the number of people who use the door will help evaluate which type of lock will suite the specific door.

  1.      Replacing the front door lock, changing the front door lock, or installing a new one altogether.

It’s always a big question that a lot of homeowners, property developers and property managers have no idea how to answer and sometimes even request the wrong thing. It’s understandable as it is hard without all the information about locks available. As we have given our key suggestions above hopefully they will serve to guide you. If you have a deadlock and want to change locks, you can always get a better deadlock. This will usually involve changing the lock, however if upgrading to a more convenient lock this will involve a fresh installation. If you don’t have a deadlock, we suggest you install a deadlock as soon as possible, should one not exist this will most definitely require a fresh installation.

Our locksmiths are on hand to give any advice needed on locks, so if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us here.

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