Broken Springs

Broken Springs

Broken Springs

There are two different types of garage door springs: Torsion Springs and Extension Springs. Your garage door will have one or the other, depending on the type of garage door lift system you have. Springs counterbalance the weight of the door, making it easier to open and close. In fact, one of the first clues that your door has broken springs is that it will be very hard to open.

Broken springs can happen at any time. They usually break due to normal wear and tear but can break prematurely if the springs are not weighted properly compared to the weight of the door, or if they have developed rust or been compromised in some other way.

Toronto Garage Door Repair fixes broken springs of all types on both residential and commercial garage doors throughout Scarborough, North York, East York, Mississauga, Vaughan, Barrie, Brampton and the GTA area.

Broken Springs Are Not A DIY Job

Broken springs are not something you want to try and fix yourself. Considering the amount of torque involved in raising and lowering a garage door, springs are wound very tight. Therefore, repair and replacement must be done in a certain order or you run the risk of dropping the garage door, having a spring break off entirely, or damaging other components.

It’s also imperative to replace broken springs with the correct size replacement garage door spring or you’ll soon find yourself with another broken spring.

Contact The Pros For Broken Springs Repair

Because of the expertise and skill needed to repair and replace broken springs, this is a job always best left to the professionals. Contact Toronto Garage Door Repair for inspections, repair, and replacement of garage door springs.

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Broken Torsion Springs


Torsion springs are the brawn behind your garage door, doing all the heavy lifting day in and day out. They can be found directly above the garage door. Broken torsion springs are a primary reason that garage doors fail to open. Here are a few signs that your torsion spring is broken or starting to fail:

  • Door does not fully open
  • The top section of the door is dented
  • There is a gap in the spring
  • There is a loud noise or bang when the door is opening
  • The door shuts too quickly

If you notice any of these signs, contact Toronto Garage Door Repair to arrange an inspection of your garage door system. We can have your garage door back to smooth operation in no time.