Automatic Doors Repair Toronto

Automatic Doors Repair Toronto

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Automatic Doors Repair Toronto, For quality automatic door installation & repair, Toronto businesses count on Automatic Doors Repair Toronto to handle all of their service and maintenance needs. Call today to schedule a repair appointment with a professional service technician.Automatic Doors Repair Toronto

Got a special project that requires intricate work on your automatic door? We know our way around any
kind of door – sliding, revolving, swinging, folding and special secure doors such as fire and secure entry
doors with sensors. After all, you wouldn’t want a customer to get stuck in your revolving door would
you? Let Automatic Doors Repair Toronto fix it so your employees and customers can smoothly come in
and out.

Call today and let us fix your automatic door for safety, security and aesthetic reasons.
Not only do we provide the most advanced technology in automatic doors, keep our warehouse stocked
with parts and can customize high-tech entryways for your business, all of these services are performed
only by highly-trained technicians.

All of our installers and repair technicians are AAA certified and trained in working with the latest
products. We also offer quality products from Stanley, Boon Edam and ADA installation to enhance
our ADA compliant doors.

And just because your needs require an automatic door, we can still customize a product that serves all
of your needs. We evaluate, measure, design and specify any special requests such as sensors and
keypad entries just for you. We can create a door to suit your transportation and industrial applications,
protect sensitive documents for health care institutions and secure valuables for major banks. Because
we have extensive experience in all of these areas and many other commercial venues, you can be sure
that we can handle your repair or install too.

We know doors – inside and out. We strive to be the premier commercial door company in Toronto City
and the surrounding areas. Because of this, over the last 15 years, we have built ourselves up to be the
leading installation and repair company of commercial doors in the city.

When it comes to automatic door repair, Toronto businesses benefit from the highly skilled technicians
and quality products offered by Automatic Doors Repair Toronto. Call today to talk to an expert sales,
design or service member.

About Automatic Doors Repair Toronto

Automatic Doors Repair Toronto is a fully licensed and insured door installation and repair service that is
dedicated to providing our customers with high quality services at reasonable prices.
Services we provide include:
* Specialization in the installation and repair of all type of commercial doors
* Installation and repair of residential doors of all types and styles
* Custom designed doors
* Emergency services for door repair

With years of experience in door installation and repair, we take great pride in the experience, knowledge
and skills we have to install and repair just about any type of door ever made. Our highly trained staff of
professional installers and door repair technicians take great pride in the professional services they
provide. As part of the community, we see our customers not just as customers, but as neighbors and
friends and will treat you accordingly.