Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation

Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation

Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation

we offers magnetic door lock installation and can install magnetic locks at both domestic and residential premises. Get in contact for a quote today! 416-840-9641

Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation, Doors Repair Toronto service in the GTA Toronto outfitted by a provincial Door assembly who can deliver professional, swift and budget key lock services onsite.

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Magnetic-lock is electronically supervised instrumentation instituted on a exit door, turnstile, pool gate or offices or any alternative physical boundary, letting proven egress and entry from a building operated by digital combination lock, hands-free card reader or audio/video intercom and more. In cases where depart is not regulated, a request-to-exit (REX) gizmo is implemented like a toggle or a motion detector. If you are looking for a magnetic lock institution service, you should continue reading those lines. Doors Repair Toronto is very aware of the magnetic lock installation statutes in Toronto when it comes to safeness measures. We will assistance designate and design a magnetic lock for you that will certify the assurance of your building and observe to the building law. Doors Repair Toronto has been in the lock man business since 1998 presenting more involvement than any other adversary. We feed the comprehensive package of service from purchasing to installing to reconstructing. There is nothing we can’t do. Doors Repair Toronto will work with you to pinpoint your right electro lock in as much as our quest is for you to be safe.

Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation

Access Control

An Access Control system is designed to:

  • Insure integrity of all persons gaining entry to a specific area. Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation
  • Stop unwanted visitors

An access control system not only ensures that only authorized persons are gaining access to secure area, but the system will also accurately identify and record the entry and exit time of all authorized persons to the secure area.

There are a number of options when considering the access control application best suited to your business or home. At Door Repair Toronto will make sure you receive the access control solution most applicable to your requirements


Digital Locks

Door Repair Toronto are fast becoming a major part of the security industry, we endeavor to stock a vast range of mechanical and battery powered Digital Locks to suite all applications.

The highlight of this section is our range of digital locks which offer security and functionality at a competitive price.


Magnetic Door Locks

This is an Electromagnetic Lock (Mag Lock). This consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate.

Mag Locks are usually connected to an access control system. The access control system will release the Mag Lock by using smart cards, proximity, I-key or digital pads.

These locks rely on electric power. Magnetic locks work only on DC Current of 12 – 24 volts.


CCTV Security Systems handicap door repair

Door Repair Toronto install CCTV systems for all types of locations and applications. We are agents for all major brands and will consult with your requirements to ensure you receive the system which suits your needs.

We can supply you with a single camera system or a multiple camera system with digital recorders for storage and playback. For hard to access areas we can supply wireless CCTV systems.

Electronic magnetic locks are a locking device which consists of an electromagnet and a holding plate.

The magnetic lock is suitable for both in-swing and out-swings doors. They are ideal for applications from cupboard doors through to high use commercial glass doors. They are mainly used on Tampa glass doors where drilling or cutting into the door is not an option. Most installations are surface mounted with the cabling or wiring inserted into the cavity of the wall, ceiling, frame or wooden door, out of view.

These electromagnetic locks are fire rated up to 4hrs on fire doors.
They are fail safe, which means in case of power failure, the magnetic locks unlocks.

✅Fail Safe
✅Silent Operation, no buzzing sound.
✅Holding force 1125lb
✅Field selectable dual voltage
✅Instantaneous release
✅Aluminium Finish
✅Locked or unlocked LED light indication.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

We install and repair a variety of magnetic locks, also known as mag-locks. They can be used internally or externally in the home, but are also frequently used in offices, hotels and commercial properties. These locks are also a good choice for fire doors because they have no moving parts which could fail.

Magnetic locks are very strong and are rated on the holding force that lock can withstand. The usual holding range is from 250 kg to 1,200 kg of force acting against it.

How do they work?

They are composed of an electromagnet which is attached to the door frame, and an armature plate which is fixed on the door. When an electric current is passed into the electromagnet a stronger magnetic field is created which attracts the magnet to the armature and prevents the door from being opened.

These locks are either fail-safe or fail-secure. The most common type is the fail-safe. Fail-safe means that when the power is turned off the electromagnetic force doesn’t operate and the door is unlocked. This is an important safety measure in case of an emergency. Fail-secure means that when the power is off the door is locked.

Magnetic Locks work off the normal power sources but can have backup batteries in case of power failure.
They open by the use of a keypad, proximity reader such as a scanner or card reader such as is found in hotel room doors.

Different types of magnetic door lock

We can provide a number of different types of mag-lock.

The locks can either be monitored or unmonitored. Monitored means that there is a device, either a visual or audible signal, which engages when the lock is activated. We can also provide standard locks, slimline versions or double mag-locks for use on double doors such as garages or garden/driveway gates.

✅Advantages of magnetic door locks
✅Fast access
✅Difficult to hack
✅Strength comparable to conventional locks
✅Very cheap to run on low-voltage power
✅Very durable
✅No key cutting or lost keys
✅Qualified and professional locksmiths
✅Doors Repair Toronto are qualified, highly professional, reliable.
✅Our technicians are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and promise to be with you within 30 minutes of your call.