Fire Exit Doors Repair

Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation

Fire Exit Doors Repair

Fire Exit Doors Repair & Install is a delicate process. It requires the utmost level of professionalism and trust in your service provider. call (647) 866-0956

Fire Doors Repair & Install , If you are looking for someone to install or repair your building’s fire doors in the GTA Toronto area,  Doors Repair Toronto is the best choice. Our work is always completed by personable experts who are highly trained. We are eager to provide you with a 100% free pricing quote on your next fire door repair/installation when you call (647) 866-0956. Plus, for a limited time, mention our “web offer” discount code to receive 10% off of your total order.


Door Repair


Is your door sagging, misaligned, or about to fall off from its pivots or hinges? We can fix these problems for you. We specialize in Fire Exit Doors Repair. Aside from these, we handle other issues:

Fire Exit Doors Repair

  • Your door slams or closes very quickly.
  • Oil leaks from the door closer.
  • The door lock doesn’t work.
  • Your door won’t close.
  • Your door is dragging or too loose.


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